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Our Mission Statement

Halstead Nursery will:

  • provide a warm and caring environment in which every child will be given access to all areas of the curriculum to explore and learn in conjunction with the four themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage:
    • A Unique Child
    • Positive Relationships
    • Enabling Environments
    • Learning and Development. 
  • encourage each child to develop to their full potential, progressing towards the Early Learning Goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage with a balance of adult led and child initiated learning.
  • develop in each child an enthusiasm for learning, expanding their natural curiosity, creativity and imagination by planning a well rounded, diverse curriculum in both the inside and outside environments.
  • maintain and develop a welcoming atmosphere to all families regardless of culture, language and ethnicity.
  • build good, open communication with parents, the local community and outside agencies.
  • promote a healthy lifestyle by meeting the physical and emotional needs of our children, by working together to promote children's welfare and protection.
  • maintain and improve the quality and safety of the Nursery's environment, facilities and resources.
  • continue to develop and improve the quality of staff training and development both in house and out, enabling staff to be as well trained and knowledgeable in their job role as possible.
  • enable children and adults to flourish in an environment where everyone knows what is expected of them, and where children are free to develop their play and learning , feeling safe, confident and secure.
  • aim for children to develop their well being and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. For this, we set clear boundaries, and simple ground rules which maintains consistency for our children.

It is our aim that the staff and parents will work closely together to provide each child with a challenging and fun introduction to education in a safe and caring environment.