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Our aim is:
  • To enhance the development and education of children, through play, in a parent involving community based group.
  • To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
  • To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families.

We offer your child:

  • A specially tailored curriculum leading to approved learning outcomes.
  • Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children.
  • Fun, friendship and socialisation with other children.
  • The support of a personal key person.
  • Opportunities for you and your family to become directly involved in the activities of the group and in your own child's progress.


As one of the outstanding nursery settings in the Kent area, we were delighted to have been selected to participate in the Learning for Life Research Project, run by Canterbury University. This study looked at the development of a childs character perspective involving a large number of assorted concepts: values, morality, virtues, duties, principles. Between May 2008 and December 2009 a sample of children were tracker as they moved from their pre-school to school settings. The full report, entitled Foundations of Character Developing Character and Values in the Early Years, is now available from the Learning for Life website.